I do believe that political bosses were corrupt. I believe this because they cared all about themselves and used all their resources for personal gain.  In document A, a book, Lincoln Steffens writes that a business man thinks a bribe is bad thing to take but not so bad to give. This shows how self focused and corrupt these powerfulbusiness men 
The goal I align with is, Promoting Moral Improvement.  This is because I am part of the WCTU and part of the prohibition.  Our group wishes to ban alcohol because we think it is undermining America's morals and believe that with it gone, citizens' behavior will better.  I also wish to expand women's rights in this country and gain the right for 
Alice Paul/Born in New Jersey/Attended Swarthmore College and Pennsylvania University/ Joined WSPU 
(Womens' Social and Political Union) in 1908.
1885-1977 (Life Span)
England and across the East Coast (U.S.)
She got involved in the movement of women's suffrage.  She led the National Women's Party.  She introduced more aggressive protest strategies such as picketing and heckling.  She pursued the creation of an amendment that made men and women equal and gave women just as many rights (sex equality). 
RESULTS/EFFECTS:She was arrested multiple times but finally thrown in jail after protesting in front of the White House.  She refused to support president Wilson unless he supported women's suffrage. In 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed, giving women the right to vote.

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